Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Hi! How are you doing? On this Monday to Tuesday, I took a drive to Yamanashi with my friend. Yamanashi is the central part of Honshu. We visited sunflowers field. It’s a place where Japanese movie was filmed. It called ‘ima ainiikimasu’ in Japanese. In English, ‘I’ll see you now’. Do you know it? The movie is one of the most favorite movies for me. But it was rainy for two days. So we couldn’t see the beautiful sight clearly. And we had ice cream at a dairy farm. It was very delicious. Although it was bad condition, I had a very good time. Recently, the bad and humidity weather continued. I remember the good weather in America every day.


Nina Liakos said...

Hi, Tomoko! I love your sunflower picture (despite the rain). This sounds like a lovely trip (especially the ice cream, haha) (just kidding). Here our weather has continued not too hot. It's really amazing. Last night we finally had some badly-needed rain, as it has been very dry for the entire month of August. Lawns and gardens are in a bad way.
Today my husband is coming home from Greece after 7 weeks away. I am so happy!!!

Nikki said...

Hello, Tomoko!
That picture is beautiful. Sunflowers are my favorite flowers because I love all yellow flowers and I love how TALL sunflowers get. I hope to one day have a garden and be able to grow sunflowers. = )

Mike said...

That's the greatest picture. I want to eat sunflower seeds really bad now. I'll make sure I see that movie!

The trailer looks great. Is that the same sunflower field you were in?