Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Hi! How are you doing? On this Monday to Tuesday, I took a drive to Yamanashi with my friend. Yamanashi is the central part of Honshu. We visited sunflowers field. It’s a place where Japanese movie was filmed. It called ‘ima ainiikimasu’ in Japanese. In English, ‘I’ll see you now’. Do you know it? The movie is one of the most favorite movies for me. But it was rainy for two days. So we couldn’t see the beautiful sight clearly. And we had ice cream at a dairy farm. It was very delicious. Although it was bad condition, I had a very good time. Recently, the bad and humidity weather continued. I remember the good weather in America every day.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I want to back to America!

Hi!! Thank you for everything! I learned a lot of things during this program, for example, the difference between Japanese culture and American culture and so on. But I couldn’t speak in English what I want to tell. So I feel that I should study more about not only language but also history of America and Japan.
Then, when I came back to Japan, I felt that I want to see you! Yesterday, I slept all day. So I’m fine now. But I miss you too much. I want to back to America. So I’ll visit you someday after I’ll become to speak English well and I save money. I’m looking forward to see you again and have meal with you and play some activities with you.
I’m so thankful beyond words. If you visit Japan, I’ll guide you. So please tell me then.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shopping & active day!

Hi!! We went to Hornbake Library for tour. I was surprised that there are many books, newspaper and magazines of Japanese history. And most of them are not in Japan, so they are very precious things. I thought that most of historical materials of Japan are kept in Japan, but it’s not true. So I’d like to know other historical things all around the world.

In the evening, we went to a supermarket a department store. Before that I and Lisa and Kyoko came across an amusing happening. Nikki was very amusing then. And I bought some funny things and souvenir for my friends and family and my pets. For example, confectionery, some lip chaps, cat and dog collars and accessories.

Next, we went to batting center. It was very difficult, but I was very interesting. Lisa and Emily and I played it seriously. I’d like to go to the batting center and practice more in Japan. I had a lot of fun!! I want to enjoy the last day with everyone!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good bye D.C!

Yesterday, we went to The Capital building. I was surprised that It was a huge building. I couldn’t listen to two guides, so I couldn’t understand about the construction. But the building was very beautiful. Next, we went to White House and took picture. We came back to College Park and we had the Middle East food. I ordered mixed grill. It was very delicious. And we met Joe’s friends. They are very kindly. Yesterday was the last day in D.C. I’d like to enjoy for last two days.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We visited Nikki’s house yesterday. It was a very large house and garden. There are many amusement facilities, for example, billiards and a basketball hoop and a hammock and wii and so on. First, I played bowling by wii with Nikki’s father, Kyoko and Lisa. He is very good at bowling. It was very delightful. Next, we had a very delicious dinner. During the dinner, we talked about the difference between American university and Japanese university. I had a precious time. After that, I played boxing with Emily by wii. It was very tired but I enjoyed. I’d like to play again with her. Then, I played basketball with Nikki and some of AGU members. And we talked about UFO enthusiastically. Actually, we believe it… I think so. And we also talked about Mr. Children. Then, we played animal game by changing animals to some AGU members. About who?? Please guess! I had a very very good time! Thank you for your invitation, Nikki!

Monday, August 11, 2008

for three great days!

On Friday 8, we watched baseball game. There were many people, so I was excited. Although I don’t usually watch baseball game, I love sports and always watch koushien in Japan. It is the All-Japan High School Baseball Championship Tournament. It’s very great! And, the baseball game was many Orioles’ home runs. Lastly, the Orioles won. Then, we watched beautiful fireworks. They were very powerful. I was even more excited.

On Saturday 9, we went to the National air & Space Museum. There are many kinds of airplanes. And I watched 3D Sun on movie. I spent $8.5, but I fell asleep. It was very wasteful, but I felt very good. So it was OK!! Then we played volleyball again. I’m so tired, but I had a lot fun.

On Sunday 10, we went to the top of Washington Monument. From the view of the top was great! I could all buildings in Washington D. C. And we played volleyball and basketball. I enjoyed them very much.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Card game day!

Yesterday, we visited the Newseum. It’s a very big building. First, I watched a 4D movie with Nikki and my friends. We wore special glasses. So I watched things on the screen like moving. It was very interesting and funny. Next, we watched an exhibit about 9.11. Many pictures are so real. It made me disappointed. And I’d like to know more about it. In the gift shop, I bought a lot oh thing. For example, a titanic figure, a book, a tie for my father and so on.
After that, I had Chinese food in a restaurant Nikki recommended. Orange chicken and fried rice were very delicious. Then we went back to the hotel, and we played card game with Nikki’s friends. First game is called Mafia, it was very difficult but very fun! Second game was also very amazing. I laughed a lot. Her friends were very kind and interesting. I had a very nice day!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Active day!

Yesterday, we had a class of Dr. Marie Hallion. We study about diplomatic history of the United States. It’s interesting but very difficult for me. Then we had lunch and cappuccino ice cream. It’s very good.
After that, I played volleyball and badminton with Nikki and her friend, Chris, and about ten members in the new field in the university. It’s very large, so I was very surprised. First, we played a match between girls and boys with music. After that, we played mix team for three matches. We won first game, but we lost second and final game. And I played badminton and crazy eight with friends and Nikki. I enjoyed them very much. Then, we went to Nikki’s apartment and had pizza! It’s very delicious. And we meet her two roommates. When we looked her room, there are many pictures and interesting figures. I bounded on her bed. It’s very cute room. Lastly, we played Mario carts. I had a lot of fun.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The first class day!

Hi! Yesterday, I attended a class first time. In Heather class, we talked about the difference of culture between America and Japan in a group. For example, food, transportation, cloth, people as first impression in America. After we finished the class, we met the students who study Japanese. And we had lunch and talked about what they like with two oh them using a little Japanese. Then we played bowling and billiards. One of them is very good at playing billiards. Both of them are very gentle. It’s very exciting and I enjoyed very much. After that, we said ‘’Good bye!”

At 4 P.M, we met mentors, we travel to DC and visited Kennedy Center for free concert. The jazz was very good and the singer was singing with very mice voice. I had a lot of fun. After the jazz concert finished, we went to sushi bar and I ate sashimi. Miso soup was very delicious. On the way to hotel, I talked about nice story with Nikki and my friends. I felt happy to hear that. Then, We went back hotel very late. I’m tired but I enjoyed.

Monday, August 4, 2008

In Alexandria and Georgetown!

Yesterday, we go to Alexandria and Georgetown. In Alexandria, first, we visited Christ Church. What most impressed me were graves. The most people in them were died between 20 and 40 years. It’s too young. I felt very sad. Then there are many cute houses. I went shopping with Nikki and had two kinds of pizza and salad. One of them was very creamy and very delicious. But the other was also good, but very spicy. Because of this, I drank a lot of water.

Next, we took a boat! I saw beautiful sight and I felt very good. After we got off the boat, we went shopping. I bought a clock, scarf and figure for my brother. I enjoyed shopping very much. And I went to Fridays to have dinner with Joseph. I ate tacos. It’s very delicious, but also spicy. Yesterday, we walked a lot. So I was very tired, but I had fun very much!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Second day in America^.*

My name is Tomoko. My major is international politics. I’m interesting in the culture of America and school life of the student in American university, and I want to talk a lot about many things with students in there. Then I’d like to exchange many things, for example, culture, family, hobby, our sense of values. This is why I chose this summer program.
We arrived in America 1st AUG. It’s yesterday. I was very tired because of long flight. But after arrival, I was excited. We met teachers and mentors, Heather, Mina, Nikki Joseph, and Mike. They are very friendly. I was glad to see them. After I got a bus, I saw many senses of Washington D.C, for instance, White house, many kinds of museums, many cars and colorful houses. All of them are fresh for me.
Yesterday night, I slept well. So I’m looking forward to visiting many places and talking with mentors and teachers.